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Board Match Colours


We have matched our pocket plugs with Egger MFC Boards Excellent is a perfect match.

Other colours are good matches or will contrast well in our opinion.

White – W100 Excellent match

Matches W1100 W980 H3708

Black – U999 Excellent Match

Matches H3081 H1478 H3082 H3058

Ivory – U104 Excellent Match

Matches H3078 H1474

Light Grey - U708 Excellent Match

Matches H3760 H1401 H1122 H426

Light Brown - H3368 Excellent Match

Matches H1342 H1381 H1319 H3012

Brown - H3704 Excellent Match

Matches H3702 H3703 H3734 H3031

If we don’t have the colour you need why not consider looking at our...


Also if this is not an option for you and you would like us to consider adding a particular colour to our range if you email us direct with the quantity you would be interested in purchasing. If we receive enough requests we will always consider adding new colours to the range.