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Soft Waxes

Dust Grey




Size of each Wax

Length: 8cm Width: 1.5cm Height 1cm weight 15gms


A rub in filler used to repair hairline scratches, filling pin holes and damaged edges on artificial surfaces such as laminate faced boards.

Colour matches also available for Egger and Kronospan MFC’s and the RAL colour range.

These are all made from high quality raw materials

This wax has the advantage of being usable without melting and not being subject to shrinkage. It can be used to fill cracks, joints in furniture,

To use as a filler, shave off a small piece and work in the fingers until it is soft enough to press into the crack or hole using a putty knife or similar tool.

The stick should become slightly softer if kept at room temperature for a few hours before use. A closer colour match can sometimes be achieved by mixing colours.

8 Colour Chart.jpg